Cara Carter

Cara Carter is the General Manager of Sophie Carter Exclusive Properties. She co-founded the agency with Sophie in 2014 and plays an instrumental role in the running of the office. Cara's background in management has served her well in her role.

Her strong organisational skills and efficiency make her an invaluable member of the team. With her strong attention to detail, Cara is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the business run smoothly and that clients receive exceptional service. She works closely with every member of the S/C family to make sure that clients have a positive experience when buying or selling a property. Cara's key strength is in organizing and marketing, which she uses to make sure all aspects of the sale process run smoothly, from gathering information to settlement.

When not at work, Cara is blessed to spend her time with her two sons and Sophie. They knew this area was beautiful before kids but now having young ones growing up in the region, it really has solidified they live in one of the best places in Australia!


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