Director - Licensed Real Estate Agent QLD & NSW
M: 0412488313

This is my 14th year in the industry and the third year of owning my own agency but the facts are.. I have been involved in realestate from a very young age!

Real Estate was always the topic of our dinner table conversation – my grandfather was an agent in the 60’s, my father was an agent in the 80’s and then my parents opened their own boutique agency in the 90’s operated for more than 15 years until they decided they were ready for a break from the industry in 2010.

So, with mixed emotions we closed the doors to Richard Carter Realty (which has now reopened) and walked into Ray White. I must admit it was with apprehension that we sold our small family agency to the largest franchisee in Australasia but as it turns out it was the right move for both my family and me both personally and professionally.

I believe that this industry is a balance between people and property. Both are equally important as the other so enjoying people and also loving real estate, encompassing all facets from construction to design & architecture has proved to be the perfect fit for me.

I work hard and it goes without saying that I will always try and get the best price possible for an owner. I thrive from tailoring different marketing campaigns for each property & constantly pushing the boundaries with different marketing ideas. Some work, some don’t work, but at least we aren’t stagnant. One sale method doesn’t suit every property – it constantly needs to be adjusted according the market.

I am straightforward and honest – the sale process can be exciting and enjoyable so I aim to take as much pressure away from an owner & just deliver the information required to make an informed decision – without any pressure!